We are developing payment solutions for the world we wish to live in.

We believe in democratizing payments and developing solutions that will enhance the daily life of merchants. We want to make sure that all problems regarding excessive fees, complicated hardware, or lack of transparency are long overdue.

We work on 2 different areas to make changes to the society we are a part of.

Decent work & Economic growth

To focus our services in encouraging productive activities and creating independent enterprises by providing an affordable, accessible financial service. Which aims to result in emerging local culture & products to grow stronger, and lead to a stable domestic economy and improvement of life quality in communities.

Industrial innovation

In the future take our services to developing countries, integrating small enterprises within the world’s value chain, impacting local economies & innovation. Encouraging emerging economies to increase domestic growth and support the well-being and living conditions in communities.

A team of amazing people from around the globe

+6 nationalities
+500 pingpong matches
+20 years of startup experience
+A lot of coffee
+10 on mood scale
+A lot of bad jokes
Kåre Brøgger Sørensen
Anders Kaels Malmos
Martin Smidt Kristensen
Frontend developer
Marta Rogowska
Marketing analyst
Kristinna Runge Vangkilde
Relationship Manager
William Rust Christie
Michael Yde Nielsen
Head of Design
Eva Søndergaard
Anne Rydal Albertsen
Relationship Manager
Marek Holecko
Jesper Wilhelmsen
Communication & Marketing Director
Simon Lauridsen
Relationship Manager
Kasper Enggaard Krog
Lucia Gianna Basic
Product designer
Gabriela Mazallo
Community manager

Our trusted advisors

Hugh Kingdon

Former VISA and Mastercard, advisor to Revolut founders.

Claus Christensen

CEO & co-founder of Clearhaus


Visa is a global payments technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency.

Mastercard is a global payment technology that aims to connect and power an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone.

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