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We want to be the payment partner everyone turns to

With Vibrant you take back the control of your payment experience. It’s payment as it should be.

We’re putting the fun back in payments

Vibrant was started because the current way of accepting payment simply isn’t working for today’s businesses. Our ambition is clear: we want to bring financial freedom to businesses. By making it possible to accept payments directly on your smartphone. And by offering fair and transparent pricing.
We’re in the business of challenging the way businesses accept payments. Taking what’s outdated and redefining, simplifying and humanising it for our customers. That makes Vibrant more than just a tech company. Vibrant is a connection company. Connecting buyers and sellers and putting the fun back in payments.

This is us, a bit quirky, a bit nerdy, a lot colourful






Ping pong games



David Stenstrøm

Senior Software Engineer

Annamarija Gulbe

Brand Designer

David Hvejsel

Señor Software Engineer

Lucia Gianna Basic

Product Designer

Our trusted advisors

Claus Christensen

CEO & Co-founder of Clearhaus

Hugh Kingdon

Tidligere Visa og Mastercard, rådgiver for revolut-stifterne



Mastercard er en global teknologi- og betalingsvirksomhed, som har til formål at forbinde og drive en inkluderende digital økonomi, som kommer alle til gode.


Visa er en global teknologi- og betalingsvirksomhed, som arbejder for at gøre det muligt for forbrugere, virksomheder, banker og regeringer at bruge digital valuta.


Joakim von And

Very rich duck from Scotland

Payment as it should be!

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