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Yes, we are about to have a real talk on why you should not only support local businesses but also convert your friends and family into doing the same! It’s not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle (And quite of an awesome one) 🙌

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The hashtag movement 

#ShopLocal has arisen and got popularised throughout the years & it has been the star and symbol of an amazing movement that incentivizes consumers to shop consciously and support their communities. Even though this movement is so important, people still need to understand the advantages they get by supporting local businesses.

The amazing part of shopping local is that we have reasons enough to all social groups & tribes to join this cause. It goes from supporting the environment to improving the economy of your community.

“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful with what we buy” - Emma Watson

Here are some of the many benefits you as a consumer get by shopping in the stores down your block instead of going all the way to the big guys. 

Reduces environmental impact 

When shopping there are all the processes from production to transportation until the product is actually in the store (where we have the first contact with it). Big companies are one of the main causes of carbon emissions.

For diverse reasons, these corporations take the production of their products in mass to different countries, and in many times is responsible for unfair labor, also impacting the environmental footprint on the transportation of their goods.

When you shop locally, the products are less likely to have traveled such a distance, reducing the carbon footprint, which also means you get fresher products, making a win-win situation, for you, the merchant, your community & earth.

Strengths your local community

An American research has registered that for every $1,00 spent in a local shop, $0,80 stays within the community!

Local business owners are more likely to also purchase local products, meaning that there will be a stronger money flow within your community, improving the life quality within the region, it provides jobs & stimulates the opening of more businesses! How awesome is that?!

Amazing customer services

Talking to a local merchant is like talking to an expert! If you buy a wine from a local producer, for example, he will be able to tell you numerous things about the wine, the production & advise you throughout the whole buying process. Their shop is not just a job, but their passion!

More choices for the consumer 

The existence of different small shops provides an increase of innovation, which means you as a consumer will have more options to choose from and price competition!

Supports individuals & their families

rom all the mentioned reasons of the importance of supporting your local merchant, this is by far the most important.

For a local business, each purchase makes all the difference in their days. It can be the line between making the ends meet by the end of the month, or covering their expenses & even providing for their families.

Now you tell me, which is the first local business you will be visiting after this article? 

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