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We are developing payments for the world we wish to live in.

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Vibrant’s vision is to provide prosperity into the world. We believe in facilitating the access of technologies, to impact societies and growth of innovation & entrepreneurial creation globally.

The pillar of our company is to always act towards our beliefs, and to support the same, we have implemented into our culture two of the seventeen United Nations sustainable development goals to lead our core actions daily.

8. Decent work and economic growth

We want the focus of our service to be the encouragement of productive activities, where the creation of independent enterprises will be possible and easy. By increasing the accessibility and creation of business with digital and affordable financial services, local culture & products will be emerging and becoming stronger. Leading to a stable domestic financial capacity and improvement of life quality in communities.

9. Industries, innovation and infrastructure

Taking our service to developing countries will give access to integrate small industrial and other enterprises within the world’s value chain and impact the local economy & innovation. The focus on supporting developing countries, is to encourage and increase their domestic growth, being able to enhance the life of the society’s well-being and living conditions.

To know more about the United nation’s development goals, check their webpage

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