People behind Vibrant

To make all of this possible for you, we have recruited a brilliant group of people that not only get things done, but also make workdays in the office much brighter (even in rainy Aarhus). And they are the reason why Vibrant’s authenticity is possible.

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Have you heard that saying “Do what you love & love what you do”? 

That is exactly what we live for as a team! We make sure each and every one of us love what we do at Vibrant and that all we do is full of joy. When creating a product that has a big vision, it’s essential everyone involved sees the same future.

It has been proven that employees who believe in a cause together with the company, have a better payoff & results. And it just happens we all get along pretty nicely as well! 🙌

Being a night owl or an early bird we commit to make the workspace a happy space for our employees. Between a lot of jokes, coffee, and countless ping-pong matches, we assure that taking care of the well-being of the team not only brings smiles but also positive results! 😀

We believe in the clash of cultures, and our team consists of amazing people from all around the globe. 🌍🌎

Different backgrounds, different age ranges, different approaches, all is taken into consideration and enriches our personal lives, workdays and outcomes as a company. 

For us at Vibrant, our employees are the secret ingredient to our further success. We are not just a group of enthusiastic professionals, we are examples of our values, which leads us to provide our best to build the future we all see together.

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