The POS timeline

Have you ever wondered how Point of Sale machines were invented and why? Here are some facts on how POS evolved into what Vibrant is able to offer to merchants today.

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This story takes us back to Ohio 1879 in a beauty salon owned by James Ritty, who had noticed some of his employees were stealing from him at the time. And while thinking about how to avoid this issue in the future, he came across a machine on a ship that was able to count the number of times the ship completed a revolution. 

Understanding how that machine worked motivated him to use the same technology to be able to count each of his transactions, so together with his brother he created “Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier.” And that was the first draft of the Point of Sales we know. 💰💸

After being bought but whom we know today as NCR Corporation, the machine went through a lot of changes & tweaks, leading the 1900s businesses to adapt the cashier into their workdays. Once the trend was high, other improvements were made, it could print receipts and had a special cash drawer, facilitating the days of merchants on a different scale. 

Between the 1980s & 1990s the POS started to be each day more digitized, bringing to life the card point of sales that are popular world wide still today.  

Thank goodness for the internet! 🙌

The beginning of the 21st century had one basic principle “let’s put it all in the cloud” and of course POS systems wouldn’t stay behind on that. Which made POS to not only facilitate transactions, but use information of these transactions to give business owners different insights, and creating all-in-one solutions in the form of a hardware. 

Nowadays, advancements are still happening, the world is becoming contactless and the point of sales must evolve, which brings us to Vibrant, that says hardware is already long overdue, the complexities of transactions can stay in the past, the future is  to make payment transactions handier.

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