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We have been waiting for the day we would be able to warmly welcome you to Vibrant and now it’s finally the time! 👋 👋 

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This is the start of a long-lasting journey, and we are extremely happy to have you here!  As your new companions, we would like to introduce you to our beliefs and the reasons why we have built this technology for you. 

We know all about the courage and persistence it takes you to run your business. And it’s about time that you receive a quality tailored service that will make your workdays smoother! 

Financial services have been on the game for years now, and today’s point of sales haven’t evolved in technology basically since the 80’s, and since the 80’s merchants have been paying numerous fees and going through never-ending complications just because “it is what it is”.  But no more! 💪 

We believe in accessible, easy, affordable & secure financial services for all. Vibrant sees local and independent business as heroes, that put countless efforts to each day, and that is exactly why you are so awesome and deserve the best payment app out there! 

What can you expect from us?  

Our goal is to be side-by-side with you!

We are committed to always be accessible, if you have questions, suggestions, whatever is on your mind, we would love to hear from you. You can even drop by at our office for a cup of coffee and get to know the team! ☕ 

Optimizing our services according to your needs is what thrives us. That’s why it is super important for us to have your feedback! We are building Vibrant for you, so the most valuable suggestions are the ones you send to us. 

Join the Vibrant nation. 

Be part of our community! We have been creating super cool content where we make you our spotlight! We want to show the world who the real heroes are. 📢

By being part of our community, your opinion matters! You will be able to interact and let us know what type of posts you would like to see in our pages. And we would love to have YOU as the main attraction of our social media. 🤩🤩

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