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Sign up price until 15th of October. Get 2 years of the lowest rate.*


You can use your own smartphone or borrow one for free.


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Maintenance fee


There is no maintenance fee. That is the perk of being digital.
* 1.39% after October 15.
We take most card or phone payment services out there

You've got questions, we have answers

Does Vibrant provide a phone to users?

If you do not own a compatible smartphone, you can reach out to us and we can provide you with one at no extra charge.

Is it free to download the Vibrant App?

Yes, it is free to download our app and there are no fees besides your transaction fees.

Can iPhones complete transactions?

You can receive payments from iPhones. However, our app is only compatible with Android devices.

Where can I change my account information?

Inside your dashboard you can access "settings" there you will have an option called "Update information" after selecting this option you will be able to update bank information, e-mail & password. If you need to update business informations, please get in touch with us.

Can I share my account?

You cannot share your account, however, you can register multiple terminals connected to your account.

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