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Pricing almost everyone will love

And if not, at least you save money on hardware and receipt rolls.

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Transaction fee

0.09 € per transaction

1.99% for international and business cards

+0.09 € per transaction

What you get:

Daily payouts

Real-time daily sales overview

Unlimited 'terminals'

No minimum transaction amount

Easy to use app

Relevant accounting integrations

... And more

The benefits we consider obvious

The benefits we consider obvious

No counterspace needed. It's mobile

No strings attached. Cancel anytime

No hidden fees. No monthly costs

No service agreements needed. Just updates

No waiting to get started. Just an app

No startup cost. No extra hardware

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This is why they love us

Great service! Useful and functional programme!


I can recommend Vibrant as a payment terminal. It works flawlessly! It works perfectly for my clinic!


A payment terminal on the go! Really good and user friendly product.

Ramyar Khalidnajad

Questions you might be wondering about

Vibrant is a digital payment solution that substitutes your regular hardware terminal. Through the Vibrant app your business can receive contactless payments straight on the back of your phone or tablet. Easy, fast and secure.

No, unfortunately not. Our product is only available for Android devices, as the NFC function on iPhone is not available at the moment.

Of course, we keep an eye on developments and hope that Apple will open it up so it can accept card payments also on iPhone. Your customer can still pay with any iOS device, as well as any other physical or digital card solution.

Vibrant is a solution made for businesses that sell products or services or that are in need to take any sort of payment. Our customers range from restaurants to furniture stores, museums and festivals. So all you need is a CVR number and you're ready to go.

Yes, you can pay with the cards in your Wallet using Apple and GooglePay. It is also possible to pay with your smartwatch.

When using Vibrant you only pay for each transaction. Find out all you need about pricing here: https://vibrant.io/pricing

It takes two workdays after the transaction for the money to get into your account.

Switch to Vibrant. Without a worry.

No argh!? Just payments. As it should be.

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